Rad Life

In the sun-drenched streets of San Diego, where even the seagulls have a sweet tooth, resides Rad Chocolate, a chocolate factory unlike any other, where adventure meets confectionery delight.

Davi and Samper, the dynamic duo behind Rad Chocolate, aren't your average chocolatiers; they're chocolate makers extraordinaire, blending cocoa beans with daring escapades and mouthwatering creations.

Their journey began in 2013, driven by a passion for exceptional chocolate. Fed up with lackluster options, Davi and Samper dove headfirst into chocolate making, armed with nothing but cocoa beans and a dream.

But crafting chocolate wasn't a walk in the park; it was a rollercoaster ride of trials and triumphs.

When asked about milk chocolate, Davi proudly proclaimed Rad's dairy-free bars as creamy delights that would make cows jealous.

Amidst the excitement and antics, Davi and Samper approached chocolate making with precision. Each batch was a labor of love, from selecting single-origin cocoa beans to adorning the final wrapper with illustrations of chocolate explorers.

In a world where chocolate and adventure intertwine, Rad Chocolate spreads joy, one daring escapade and delectable bite at a time.