Is Rad Chocolate a real company? 
Oh Yeah! We are a small family-owned chocolate manufacturer from San Diego, California.

Is it possible to ship chocolate to the moon? 
Probably, but for now we only ship Rad to all US states. 

Do you use drones to deliver orders? 
Still looking into it, but currently we use USPS Priority 2nd Day or FedEx 2nd Day. 

I live in a volcano, will the chocolate melt? 
You bet, chocolate starts melting when it reaches 85°F. If the chocolate sits in front of the sun for a long period of time it will melt for sure. Even though we use insulated packaging and ice cold packs to keep the chocolate Rad, we ask that you are on top of your tracking details to minimize sun exposure after your package has been delivered.  

Can you ship chocolate to a Rad friend? 
Your friend is our friend, just make sure to write a note at checkout so your friend knows who sent it. Don’t worry, we never send pricing on our packing slips.  

Got milk? 
Not really, our milk bars are made with 100% non-dairy, animal free, vegan ingredients. 

I am obsessed with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, can I come visit Rad's chocolate factory?
That is a rad movie, very realistic. However, our chocolate maker is not offering any golden tickets yet. But you never know, maybe one day.